Fierce, Limitless, and Unstoppable

lion-predator-big-cat-cat-162093.jpegExcerpt from my new book

Fierce, Limitless and Unstoppable!

Living an Intentional and Inspired Life

How many times have you walked into work and took a good look at people in your office, in the cafeteria, or in the hallway and noticed how lifeless some of them look? They trudge from meeting to meeting, plod throughout the day, and seem to lack passion and energy for life. Life for them is a struggle, and they are waiting for life to direct their next move.

These people are reacting to life versus acting in life. They lack direction, drive, and passion in their life. They lack a sense of resolute determination or urgency in life. They are not living life intentionally or on purpose. They are not living a Fierce. Limitless, or Unstoppable Life.

One of my favorite movies to watch is movie Shawshank Redemption. The film is centered on two individuals in the Shawshank prison Andy and Red. Andy continues throughout the movie to declare his innocence of the crime he was sentenced. In one scene Andy describes where he would be right now if he were not in prison. Andy gives a vivid description of a place in Mexico that he would live and run a business. Red turns to Andy and tells him not to think about the situation since he is in prison.

Andy angrily tells Red that “it comes down to a simple choice you can get busy living or get busy dying” Despite his surrounding and situation Andy continues to fight to live his dream fiercely.

You have only one life to live…How will you live it? Are you going to get busy living or get busy dying? If you knew how much time you had to spend on earth, would you make different decisions? Would you stop wasting time? Would you take yourself more seriously? Would you be willing to make the sacrifices to take charge of your life?

adler-bird-bird-of-prey-raptor-56865.jpegI believe everyone can live a Fierce, Limitless, and Unstoppable Life if they are willing to live intentionally, passionately, and purposefully. Each day you have a choice of how to live your life. It is an intentional choice to believe in who you are and live life to its fullest.

But you must choose to pay the price and make the decision to live your life to its fullest. Each day you need to make an intentional and conscious choice to fight for your life, you need to take responsibility, take accountability and finally, you need to take ownership of your life.


Start today to live your life intentionally and fiercely!