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10 quick thoughts for becoming a lifelong learner

• Endeavor to become a lifelong learner in all aspects of your life • Apply self-leadership practices to create the outcomes you desire • Understand who you are and what you can accomplish • Learn from everyone you meet • … Continue reading

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Life is a Journey

When I imagine life as a journey, I think of the expedition of Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean, Earnest Shackleton and the Endurance expedition to Antarctica, and the 20-year odyssey of Odysseus in Homer’s “The Odyssey”. All three … Continue reading

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You must CHANGE YOUR MINDSET to be Unstoppable!

Being unstoppable is a mindset. It is an unwavering belief in yourself, your abilities, and your capabilities. It is a belief in your unshakeable purpose and values. You have to believe in yourself with conviction and commitment. It is awareness … Continue reading

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Freedom and Liberty

During my trips to the Pentagon, I would take the time to run along the National Mall in Washington D.C. and soak in American History. My running route usually started in the Constitution Gardens at the 56 Signers of the … Continue reading

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The You Are Unstoppable Personal Development System

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Get out of your C.O.M.F.O.R.T Zones

Why do people have a hard time achieving an unstoppable life? They are afraid to get out of their comfort zone. What is a comfort zone? Your comfort zone can be your prison. I define a comfort zone as a … Continue reading

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