F(X) Leadership Model

I believe that leadership principles are timeless and apply across all spectrums of life. The F(X) Leadership Model is about the effects (F(X)) and outcomes you want to produce in your life. It is about you taking ownership of your growth and development and the actions in your life. The F(X) Leadership name is a compilation of the Inspire or Retire Theorem’s function of X or F(x), and the Leadership Based Outcomes/Mindset model effects of F(X) based mindset model.

The first model is the F(X) Leadership Model. You are the key to the F(X) model and to your leadership success. The F(X) Leadership Model is a symbolic way of thinking about the inside-out process of developing your leadership skills and life skills first before investing and developing others. The function of (x) is you.

F(X)A key part of the F(X) model is the DELTA symbol. The DELTA symbol means change. Change is a constant in life and leadership. Inside the DELTA is the letters C4, which represents Character, Competence, Courage and Commitment. All change starts from the inside first. C4 is the most explosive part of the function of (x) because it represents who you are deep down inside, your abilities, your strengths and your passion.

Outside the DELTA symbol are the letters CG for Continuous Growth, CD for Continuous Development and CR for Continuously Reinventing yourself. You must be committed to the lifelong journey of developing yourself, your professionalism, and your leadership.


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