F(X) Philosophy

In the F(X) process, the successful leader is defined as one who leads oneself first before seeking to lead others. F(X) Leadership is both a philosophy about personal development and leadership development. It is a set of realistic concepts that people can apply to developing and growing themselves first, then their people and organization.

            The F(X) Leadership approach focuses on the leader, the follower, and the organization. The personal power of the leader increases the strength of the team and the strength of the organization when the power of F(X) Leadership is unleashed.

F(X) Leadership comes from within the leader and is fueled by the passion and desire to change, to improve, and to inspire. The leader’s job is not finished until he or she creates followers who are prepared to lead in an organization.

The F(X) process has the capacity to create followers who are leaders in life and in an organization. An F(X) leader is one who transforms their followers into transformational and inspirational leaders in their own right. First, you need the right mindset and a “must change” attitude in order to shape and mold your talent. You have to want to change and reinvent yourself.

Second, you need to adopt a disciplined approach and a strategy to achieve the desired outcome. You need to make your leadership development a deliberate and methodical process that moves you from the “as is” state to the “to be” state. Finally, you need to assess your progression to gauge where you are in your development.

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