People Focused F(X)

As a leader you have an opportunity to make an impact on your organization and your people.  A great leader understands that any achievements they achieve are due to the people of the team they lead. A great leader then is always looking out for their people’s best interest. A leader is a visionary person who inspires others to follow their lead and has the capability to make everyone in the organization feel unique. A successful leader uses a broad brush and paints the strategic picture for their people. Through this strategic painting the leader charts the course for everyone to follow and captures the heart of the people. People enjoy coming to work with a boss who inspires them, develops them daily and makes them feel a part of the team.

As leaders, we need to examine ourselves to see if we are inspiring our people to greater heights of performance and success. Inspirational leadership is leading by example and through words like, “You did a great job today!” Alternatively, my favorite, “I am proud of you!” Remember when you no longer can inspire your people to greatness and it becomes more of an effort to lead each day, then you need to move aside and allow someone else to lead.

                                                                        Inspire or Retire

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