You Are Unstoppable

When did you stop being fearless?

When did you stop being unstoppable?

When you were a child you were fearless and unstoppable. You were not afraid to try new things, not afraid to stumble, fall, and then get up and try again. You were fearless! You could run all day, be full of energy, and were full of life. Nothing could stop were unstoppable!

But something happened as you grew. Fear crept in and took your fearlessness away. Limitations and controls crept in and you lost your ability to be unstoppable. Fear crept in because you learned to fear failure, you learned to fear criticism, and you learned to fear being alone. You learned to be afraid of things in life. You stop being unstoppable when limitations crept in by people telling you can’t do something, don’t do something and you should not risk doing something. Furthermore, controls crept in when you put inner limits on your life because of the outside limitations of others.

Over time you created your own prison of limitations, controls and comfort zones. Imprisoned you became unwilling to risk, unwilling to move beyond your comfort zones, and unwilling to become unstoppable.

So how do you escape?

How do you become fearless again?

How do you become Unstoppable again?

First you WAKE UP and realize that you are the key to your unstoppable life. You hold the key to your prison. It is your choice, it is your responsibility, and it is your life to change!

Second, you choose to not to be afraid, you choose to get out of your comfort zones, and choose to create and live your unstoppable life!

Finally, the world will push back as you create your unstoppable life. However, the more that the world tries to hold you down the more you need to press on. Remember no pressure…no diamonds….press on and live your unstoppable life!

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