Inspire or Retire!!

This is one of the topics of discussion on #TCHAT next Wednesday.

Unleash Your Unstoppable Life!

Inspire or Retire

Inspirational Leadership + Motivated People = a great team with outstanding accomplishments.

Over the next two weeks, Eliza was in and out of the office for in processing and more organizational training to help her acclimate to the new environment. During those two weeks, she thought about what she learned on her first day and her concept of what a leader is and does began to change.

Also during those two weeks, she kept hearing the phrase “Inspire or Retire” which made her more curious of the true meaning. After her in processing and training was finished, she stopped in to see Ty again.

“That was a long two weeks of training. It was very useful and I feel like I am ready just focus on my work.” Eliza said as she walked into Ty’s office.

“Glad to have you back. Did you learn anything new?” Ty…

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