Three Core Competencies

There are three competency areas that I develop and grow on a continuous basis. These three areas of growth and develop are a whole person concept. As you grow and develop these areas, you stay balanced and quickly recognize that all three areas define who you are. No one area defines you. You are the sum of all three parts.



Personal Competency is the C4 of your life. This area has been developing since you were born but never stops growing and developing. This competency is the most important to develop and grow because it is the foundation of your professional and leadership competence areas.



Professional Competency is your career or professional pursuit. It does not define you as a person but it is the area of your learned expertise. It is a vital part of you as it helps you meet areas in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Model.




Leadership Competency is your leadership ability and capability. This competency is both your self-leadership and your team and organizational leadership. You must continue to develop this area of expertise as you grow your professional expertise.


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