Know Yourself, Know your People, Know your Organization

First, know yourself – Learn about your skills and capabilities and take control of your life and leadership. A leader knows and understands their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, abilities, and their emotions. This is the key to becoming a better leader.

Second, know your people – Leadership requires that you know your people and continue to build the relationship you have with you subordinates or followers.  You need to be a leader that influences and inspire others and helps them grow and develop.  Positive teamwork supports the organization’s goals, objectives, and fosters behavior directed toward the achievement of these ends. Teamwork that supports hard work, loyalty, quality consciousness, or concern for customer satisfaction is examples of positive team norms.

Third, know your organization – As you grow and develop yourself and your people to make your organization better.  A successful leader knows the objectives, goals, priorities, vision, and mission of the organization.  A leader is dedicated to accomplishing the mission and strives towards mission success.

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