You are the Key to F(X) Leadership

Over the next several weeks, Ty and Eliza met to go over the concepts of the Inspire or Retire Theorem and the information from the first meeting of Know Yourself, Know Your People, and Know Your Organization. They met once a week to discuss the ideas and concepts and to see how Eliza was progressing on the job.

“Eliza, the Inspire or Retire Theorem is a way to visualize what your leadership responsibility is every day. However, the most important part of the theorem is the function of x or F(x).

“Why is the Function of x important? I thought it represented all leaders in the organization. Eliza asked.

“It does but each leader is an individual and each leader is part of the theorem. However, the function of (x) is you. You are the key to the theorem. Said Ty as he pulled out the F(X) Leadership Model book from the bookshelf

“I am the key to the formula?” Eliza asked inquisitively.

“Let me show you what I mean”. Ty said, “Here is the F(x) Leadership Model. It is an extension of the Inspire or Retire Theorem and further explains your leadership role.”


            “I know it looks confusing but let me explain each part.” Ty said as he put the book in from of Eliza.

“The elements of the symbol is the Greek symbol DELTA which represents change or difference. Change as a leader is a constant. The changes you make daily and throughout your life will make a difference in your leadership and your life.” Ty said as he continued talking about the model.

“Inside the DELTA is Character, Competence, Courage, and Commitment or the C4. It is the most explosive part of the function of (x) because it represents who you are deep down inside, your abilities, your strengths, and your passion. Why is C4 vital to your leadership and to you as a leader? You have control over each of these characteristics in your life. Character, Courage and Commitment all start from inside and your competence is an outward growth of your character, courage, and commitment. These characteristics need to be developed continuously”. Ty said and then paused. “Any questions so far?” Ty asked Eliza

“Nothing yet so far.” Eliza replied. “Please continue.”

“Okay. I said that your C4 requires continuous development so the rest of the model describes how. The first way is Continuous Development or CD. You must continually develop yourself professionally, technically, mentally, spiritually, and physically to stay on the leading edge and to be the example for others to follow. This type of development also helps you build resiliency into your life.” Ty said and then continued.

“The second way is through Continuous Growth or CG. Coupled with your continuous development of your internal and external capabilities and abilities is the continuous growth process. Growth is your self-discipline and self-commitment to apply and incorporate the lessons learned during your development to your character and leadership abilities. Without growth, you will never become the leader you want to be or we need you to be.”  Ty said

“Finally, the last part of the model is CR which stands for Continuously Reinventing Yourself.  As you grow and develop your character, competence, leadership abilities, and your capabilities you will continually reinvent who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing. A good way to remember this as you grow and develop you are expanding your mind and changing your life,” said Ty as he finished describing the model.

“So F(X) leadership Model is a way of thinking about my development as a leader,” Eliza concluded.

“Correct it is a learning leader’s cycle of growth, development, and reinvention and it is a leader’s developmental strategy for becoming a better leader,” Ty said.

“What do I need to do to start using the F(X) Model so I can become a better leader?” asked Eliza

“Hopefully the F(X) model will not only make you a better leader but help to improve other aspects of your life. Ty said and then continued.

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