The Power of the Positive

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” William Arthur Ward

Key Thought: The Power of the Positive is a proactive approach to your life. Positive thinking means you approach life’s challenges with a positive outlook and mindset. It does not mean you avoid or ignore the bad things that happen in your life or the difficult challenges you will face; instead, it involves overcoming difficult situations by understanding that you will make it through by perseverance and persistence.

The Power of the Positive

What is you outlook on life? Do you tend to see the water glass as half-empty or half full? How you view, the glass relates directly to your positive or negative outlook on life. A positive mindset plays an important role in a positive outlook on life. Research has found that positive thinking can build resilience in your life, help in your daily stress management and helps your overall physical and mental well-being. Remember: You cannot always change what happens to you, but you can always choose how you respond to the event. Do you know that you are more powerful than you think? You have tremendous power as an individual and by applying this power you can be unstoppable and you can have the life you want.

Positive Mindset
A positive mindset is viewing yourself, your purpose, your talents and your capabilities in a positive way. It is a mindset of optimism. When you look at life as abundance versus scarcity, you begin to see the possible versus the impossible. A positive mindset is a proactive approach to directing your thoughts and feelings about your life. It is a way of ridding yourself of the negativity of life.

Let me back track one-step. You will have trials and tribulations in your life. You will experience setbacks and failures. However, how you approach those events is up to you. Your reactions and responses are outcomes that you can direct. Part of the F(X) model is what effects do I need to put in my life to change or direct the outcomes. It is also a way of asking the “what ifs” of your life and preparing yourself now for the future “what ifs”. You can create a positive mindset for the trials and tribulations.

It is too easy focus on the negative. We focus on the negative when we allow our stressed minds and tired bodies to think negative thoughts and seek solace in self-pity. A positive mindset can help you overcome feelings of negativity and self-despair. A positive mindset helps you strengthen your self-confidence and improve your self-confidence. Here are some ways to establish your positive mindset.

Let go of the past and strive towards the future. Your past does not equal the future. Past trials and tribulations do not define your future but they can help you to define a brighter future. Use your past negative experiences to shape your character and shape your future decisions.

Bad things happen will happen…press on anyway. Your personal value and self-worth come from deep inside you and are not dictated by outside circumstances. You don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances. Life has a way of conveying change to your life. Focus on the Power of the Positives and press on through the bad.

Put effects into place to create your desired outcomes. Stop your negative thoughts about what has happened to you and begin your positive thinking about what you can make happen. Life involves risk taking every day take the risk and make your positive life happen–set positive goals and take action!

Life is too short to live it negatively . Remind yourself every day that life is too short to be a pessimist. Make every minute of your life count by being proactive and focus yourself on what life has to offer..

Be focused on good. Instead, be a rational optimist who takes the good with the bad, in hopes of the good ultimately outweighing the bad, and with the understanding that being pessimistic about everything accomplishes nothing. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best – the former makes you sensible, and the latter makes you an optimist.

Focus and analyze your thoughts. When you encounter a challenging situation, try to notice how you think about what is happening. Do you engage in negative self-talk? Do you mentally criticize yourself or others? This negative thinking presents a major obstacle, but identifying such thoughts is the first step in overcoming them.

Be thankful for the good things in life. Celebrate and focus on the positive aspects of your life–family, friends, achievements and capabilities. Your positive thoughts will help to push the inconsequential negative thoughts out of your life. Think about the good things in your life every day.

Focus on your self-talk What do you think or say when a setback or challenge comes your way? Do you positively or negatively self-talk? You need to concentrate on your self-talk and harness your inner monster. Watch carefully for negative self-limiting self-talk. Learn to pay attention to your self-talk and focus on the positive and stop the negative. The power of the positive is changing the voice in your head from negative to the positive. When you focus on expanding your positive self-talk you expand your ability to produce positive outcomes and positive self-esteem.

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