You are Unstoppable!

Visualize yourself getting ready for a race.

This is the race of your life.

Your heart is pumping and your chest is heaving with each breath. As you lower yourself in to the starting block, your legs start to shake with anticipation. Sweat drips from your forehead as you settle into the starting block. You raise your head and begin to focus intently on the finish line. Your mind races as you wait for the starting gun to sound. You visualize each motion, each stride, and each step towards the finish line.

You are prepared.

You are ready.

You are focused.

The gun explodes and wakes you from your inner thoughts and you break out the blocks. Your mind and body are flying down the track towards your goal. With each step, you are gaining speed and gaining ground towards the finish line. You begin to run faster as you envision yourself crossing first. As you look towards the finish line, you notice that it seems farther away than before. You try to run faster but your goal looks farther and farther away. Your breath is heavy now and your legs feel like lead so you begin to slow your pace as you begin to doubt that you are capable of finishing.

As your pace slows down more and you finally begin to catch your breath, another runner comes alongside you and informs you that the race is not a sprint but a marathon. A wave of self-doubt and despair wash over you as you realize you are not prepared for a marathon. You are not ready for the long haul. Your pace slows down to a crawl and you begin to think about giving up. You notice that the runner who came alongside has not left you. In fact, the runner has slowed down to your pace.

The runner begins to encourage you with positive words that inspire you. With each new step, the runner encourages you to strive towards the finish line. As hope builds inside you, you begin to feel the fire and passion you felt at the beginning of the race. Your steps become more steadfast and earnest. He encourages you to keep pressing towards the goal and not look back.

The runner, who is till beside you as your pace quickens says “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” Your legs now are light and you feel that you will not grow weary, nor stop short of the end, or lose heart.

Your eye is on the prize.

You are now unleashed from everything that hinders you and you run with unwavering resolution.

You are determined.

You are driven.

You are an overcomer!

You are unstoppable!

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3 Responses to You are Unstoppable!

  1. joedalio says:

    This is awesome! I have seen the truth in this simple formula…if you believe you are unstoppable, you are 🙂

  2. joedalio says:

    Reblogged this on Power of PIES and commented:
    If you believe you are unstoppable…you are unstoppable!

  3. Rosie says:

    Wow I loved it!!! I could almost feel as if I in fact was on a marathon. It is an amazing way to show how life works… I think you’re an amazing writer!

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