Create a Masterpiece

You are a Masterpiece   

    Envision yourself sitting at an old potter’s wheel with a lump of clay on the wheel head. You begin to work the foot pedal, the wheel turns and the clay rotates. Your hands surround the clay and you can see the potential of the clay. You can see the beautiful vase that lies in this dormant lump of clay. You see the beauty and life within.

            You start to apply pressure to even the clay out and to force it to take form.   As you work the core of the clay, you start to form a hole. With each new turn of the wheel, the hole widens and the walls of the clay start to take shape. You continue to turn the wheel, you begin to add water to the clay as you turn and the vessel starts to become smooth and look finished. With the final turn of the wheel, the shape of the vessel begins to be revealed and the true art is recognized.

The true worth and beauty of the vase has not been achieved yet. The master artisan puts the clay vase into the kiln to be fired, tested and cured. The vase emerges from the kiln and now is a thing of beauty and a useful piece of pottery. You can fill the vase up with whatever you want the it to hold. Just as the master artisan creates a masterpiece with the clay, you are creating a masterpiece as you grow and develop yourself.

The true art is your life. Your purpose, values and worldview guides your hands as the clay rotates around the wheel and molds and shapes your life The kiln are the trials, challenges, and successes of life that temper you and prepare you for life.

Recommendations for creating your masterpiece

  • Look for cracks in your life before you leave the potter’s wheel
  • Look for impurities in your character before you are tested by trials and challenges
  • Face your fears while you are being tested so you emerge fearless
  • Understand that you are responsible for your life
  • You are responsible for your growth and development
  • Develop and grow yourself daily
  • Seek to achieve mastery of your life and leadership to lead and dare greatly
  • Leadership is a performance art so create a masterpiece out of your life
  • Take time to discover who you really are
  • Invest in your capabilities
  • Invest in your talents
  • Invest in your character

Final Thoughts

There is no one else like you….You are unique…You are not mass produced.

You must improvise, adapt, and overcome to live abundantly!!!

You have massive capability!!!!

You have unlimited potential!!!!

You are unstoppable!!!!!

It is an Awakening when you realize that you are the owner of your own solution…Build your masterpiece!!!!

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