Unshakeable Purpose

To be unstoppable you need to have fundamenta inconcussa. Fundamenta inconcussa is Latin for unshakable foundation. Aristotle called this his first principles or his self-evident truths.

In order to lead your life and be unstoppable you need to know your first principles or your self-evident truths. You need to know who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in, what your values are, and what you will stand firm for in your life.

Once you know your first principles, you create an unshakable life foundation and you create an unshakeable purpose in life. Your purpose is the Why of your life. Why you are driven in a certain direction, why you act in the way you do, why you believe what you believe, and why you live your life.

An unshakeable purpose makes you unstoppable because you have fundamenta inconcussa. Your key to living an unstoppable life is to keep your purpose in focus, on fire, and unshakeable. You must be committed to your own path, stand firm in your convictions, and live each day on purpose.

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