A synergy, or Sweet Spot, develops when your inner core and your Character, Competence, Courage, Commitment, Communication, Connections, and Choices are used together to lead and influence others.

Leading from the Sweet Spot means your inner core is aligned with the 7Cs and drives how you live your life. This convergence of your inner core and the 7Cs allows you to lead by be design and not by chance.

Why is leading from the Sweet Spot important? When you have learned to lead your own life, then you have a solid foundation from which you can effectively lead others. If you have not mastered leading yourself, then your words, actions, behaviors, and decisions will not be congruent with your inner core.

Leading from the Sweet Spot means your actions and behavior must align with one another in order for you to make an impact on your team and organization. Through your words and actions, you lead by example and live out the culture you want your team and organization to follow.

Leading from the Sweet Spot means you have mastered the art of self-insight and self-mastery and truly know who you are as a leader. You must be able to lead your life through Personal Insight and Personal Mastery in order to achieve your desired end state and life goals.

Leading from the Sweet Spot means your leadership drivers, your character, your attitude, and your thinking are in tune with each other and you have inner core synergy.

Inner Core Synergy

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