Several years ago I bought an Eagle in Flight sculpture for my office and it came with a Certificate of Authenticity from the artist. He personally signed the certificate and guaranteed this was a genuine original and authentic piece of his artwork and not a replica, or copy. By personally signing the certificate, he was staking his character, credibility, and trustworthiness as an artist and businessperson for all to see.

What if each leader had a Certificate of Authenticity attached to them so everyone could see that they were the “Genuine Article” and not a false leader? The real question for you is, if you had a Certificate of Authenticity attached to your leadership, would you stake your character, credibility, and trustworthiness by signing it?

Today, more than ever, people want authenticity. They look for authenticity in the products they buy. They look for it in the foods they eat. But most of all, they look for it in their leaders. They want leaders who are honest, credible, and reliable. They want leaders who have integrity, are responsible, and are accountable.

They want leaders who are committed to connect and communicate with them as real people and not just employees. They want leaders who are real and are the “Genuine Article”. Authenticity means a person is accountable and responsible for their actions, words, and decisions.

Integrity is the trust factor in life. Integrity is the consequence of setting and maintaining high standards, honorable practices, virtuous ways, and moral actions. Authentic integrity allows your character to stand the test of time and challenges. Integrity in your life means that you intend to live an authentic and true life. You cannot survive if you lack integrity or wholeness.

Authenticity is about being the real you and not being afraid to live out your inner core. Authenticity is being a genuine leader and living your unstoppable inner core–your values, beliefs, and worldview.

Awareness is the deep dive of Discovery while Authenticity is having the courage and commitment to live out your discoveries. Authenticity means you are accountable and responsible for your actions, words, and decisions. Being an Unstoppable Leader is being who you really are–honest and unafraid.

In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Polonius is providing advice to Laertes, “And this above all, to thine own self be true. Then, it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” This is critical for you to understand as a leader–your leadership is always under scrutiny by your people.

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