You are Unstoppable Genesis


The genesis of my book, You are Unstoppable: Unleash You Inspired Life, comes from my wounded warrior visits to Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC) in 2006 prior to my yearlong deployment to the Middle East. While visiting the prosthetics lab I took the opportunity to talk to several Soldiers and Airmen to see how they were coping with their lives. What one young Soldier said during my visit made a lasting impact on me and gave me insight about resilience, perseverance, and passion for life.

            During the visit, I had the chance to visit with a young Soldier who had lost a leg, an arm, and had burns to over 30% of his body during an IED explosion that killed two fellow Soldiers. When I first entered the lab, he was sitting at a table learning how to adjust and repair his leg in the same fashion he learned to field strip his rifle. This was part of his amputee rehabilitation and reintegration development. As he worked, we talked about how his life had changed and how he was coping with the changes. He said:

     Chief, I used to work out every day in the gym in order to keep myself fit and ready for the Army and life in general. I thought I was strong enough to handle whatever life could throw at me. I was wrong. The loss of my limbs crushed me and I immediately felt lost and depressed. I was very angry and mad at life. To be honest I did not want to go on.

     It was not until I arrived at Brooks that I started looking at life differently. After several counseling sessions, rehabilitation therapy, and being around other wounded warriors I realized how much life I still had in me. I learned how to fight for my life again. Today, I am stronger than I first thought I was. It is not my physical strength I rely on now to get me through, it is my faith, my inner strength, and my belief in myself that makes go on each day.

I am stronger because I believe in myself and know I can do anything I want to do despite losing my arm and leg. I plan to live my life to its fullest each day.

            His statement that he was stronger now than before he went to Iraq is poignant even today. In my opinion, he is unstoppable because he believes he can do anything through his faith and his faith in himself. Through his faith, he found hope again. When he found hope, he loved his life again. When he loved his life again he believed in himself and his life.

            He is living an unstoppable life because he refuses to give up on himself, his dreams, and his aspirations. Life pushed in on him and he pushed back even harder and now is stronger. He is unstoppable.

            His story of perseverance, positive outlook, and determined resiliency inspired me then and continues to inspire me. Despite his life changing injuries, he changed his life and his outlook on life. He chose to live each day to its fullest.

            You have a choice each day. You can choose to believe in who you are and live life to its fullest, or you can chose to run and hide from who you are and live unfulfilled.

            You can choose to believe in your talents, gifts, capabilities, and abilities and accomplish great things, or you cannot believe in your ability and live a life of regret. You can choose to believe in your dreams and aspirations and make them become your reality, or you can choose to let you dreams remain a dream. Whatever you believe in, you must put action to that belief. Just like the young Solider, you have to believe then apply the actions you need to make the belief your reality. You have to believe you can lead an unstoppable life and then apply the actions you need to realize an unstoppable life.

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L.I.F.E. Books

Image            I developed the L.I.F.E. book series to encapsulate my passion for developing people and helping them to live their lives to their utmost. The acronym L.I.F.E. stands for Leadership, Inspiration, Faith, and Empowerment. The philosophy behind L.I.F.E. books is detailed on the following pages:


            I am passionate about developing emerging, enduring, and experienced leaders and teaching them how to develop themselves using a disciplined and deliberate approach. All leadership begins from inside a person and must be developed and grown as they grow into emerging and enduring leaders.

            Leadership starts with a condition of your heart – it is the desire and the passion to make a difference before it moves to your brain to implement an action plan to make a difference. Before you can make an impact on the world, you must first make an impact on yourself by discovering your purpose, your values, and by knowing who you are. This is the key to leading yourself.

            You have to know who you are before you know where you can go. Your life’s purpose begins with the self-knowledge of why you are here and what you are living to fulfill.

            Leadership is an inside-out process and is shaped by your values, character, choices, opportunities, experiences, and your worldview. Leading with your purpose and your core values ensures your life and leadership are congruent. As an authentic leader you inspire yourself and others to greatness.


            Inspiration is the ability to breathe life into your life and others. Inspiration is a positive influence and a positive reinforcement of life. It ignites desire, ignites creativity, and ignites innovation in inspired people. Your life’s purpose is your daily inspiration for living abundantly. Your purpose excites you, energizes you, and fills you with a great sense of drive and determination. Inspiration empowers and unleashes your life’s creativity, innovation, and collaboration. People are looking for leaders who inspire them. They are looking for meaning and purpose, not trophies and awards. When authentic leaders inspire people, they reach new levels of innovation, achievement, and commitment.  

            Living on purpose and serving a higher purpose breathes life into you every day and gives you the desire to reach your goals. You need to live each day congruently by living within your beliefs and values. Unleashing your inspired life starts with living your life’s purpose.


            Your faith provides you focus and vision for your life. It is your true north compass and GPS of self-awareness and self-management. Your faith is your lens to focus on how your talents, skills, gifts, and abilities will allow you to live on purpose. By focusing each day you can remove the noise and clutter of life to achieve your life’s purpose. Living your faith daily matters immeasurably in everything you do. The better you pay attention to your life and faith, the greater your life outcomes. Your faith helps you to focus on your life choices, life opportunities, and life possibilities.

            Using your faith as your measuring standard, you can create your life’s vision to achieve your dreams and goals. You must also have faith in yourself and believe you are unstoppable. Life is an adventure of self-discovery and discovering life. Faith in yourself and faith in God provides you the strength you need each day to put your foot on the path and begin each new day in awe and wonder.


            It is your life…OWN IT! Your life purpose empowers you and enables you to live life abundantly. Empowerment begins by taking responsibility for your life and being accountable for your actions. Empowerment is the courage to live passionately and purposefully each day.

            Anything is possible when you choose to believe in yourself, your life’s purpose, and your talents, skills, and abilities. Your life purpose unleashes you to live your life and allows you to be unstoppable. Your greatest power in life is the liberty to choose. It is the liberty to choose what you want to do with your life, where you want to go, and what you want to become. No one can take this power away from you; it is yours alone.

            You can do what you want to do; you can be who you want to be. You can live an empowered life through your decisions and choices each day. Your choices determine your attitude and your altitude. When you follow a strong and empowering purpose, you will live, think, and act on purpose and within your purpose.

            Life is a choice. Your choices each day determine what outcomes happen in your life. It is by choice, not by chance, that will determine your life. An Unstoppable Life begins by taking responsibility for your choices.

  • Choose to believe in yourself
  • Choose to live on purpose
  • Choose to live your values
  • Choose to live your faith
  • Choose to live with courage and confidence
  • Choose to live with integrity
  • Choose to create your outcomes
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My first Goodreads quote


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In You are Unstoppable, Thomas Narofsky, author of F(X) Leadership Unleashed: The Art and Science of Leadership, and leadership speaker, will show you how to develop the essential qualities needed to live an Unstoppable Life. Through this book you will discover a disciplined approach using the 6Ps, the Triad of Transformational Growth, and the FORGE Process, as outlined below:

 discover your true self

  • define your life purpose
  • live your values and beliefs
  • envision your unstoppable life
  • achieve your unstoppable goals

 If you aspire to live an unstoppable life and change your life, You are Unstoppable, gives you an indispensable road map to transforming your life!

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Inspire or Retire radio interview on #TCHAT

Check out @inspireorretire’s Tweet:

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The 6P Focus

When I arrived at Vandenberg Air Force Base as the new 14th Air Force “Flying Tigers” Command Chief, I took several months to get know the people of the Command and learn about my new organization and its organizational culture.

As I traveled throughout the command, I had the opportunity to talk Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines that supported the space mission of the Joint Space Operations Center. A key part of my talks with the young enlisted was about continuously growing, developing, and reinventing themselves. I stressed that they needed to be proactive about their education, training and personal growth, and development so they could achieve their goals.

I asked each of them to think about how to grow and develop themselves in the three growth and development areas of our professional development program–Personal, Professional, or Leadership Competency. I urged them to invest and reinvest in your life so that they were ready for life’s challenges. Furthermore, I asked each person to seek out opportunities, challenges, and resources to help them stretch and get out of their comfort zone.

It was during my visits that I found myself using the well-known colloquialism “6Ps” phrase—“Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance” quite frequently. I began to realize how negative and reactive that phrase really was, especially coming from someone talking about being proactive. The phrase, although technically correct, is a negative and reactive saying and does nothing to help the person who is dealing with the situation.

On my return trip home on the airplane, I started to reshape my use of the 6Ps. I needed a proactive and positive set of 6Ps. I sought out words that described how to proactively shape, live, and forge your life. After several weeks of thought and talking with peers about the words I selected, my new 6Ps became: Planning, Preparation, Performance, Passion, Persistence, and Perseverance.


  • Planning – To shape your unstoppable life you must know what you want to accomplish to make your dreams your reality. Therefore, the very first step in designing your unstoppable life is to plan it. You need a map and guide to your growth and development and planning helps you chart the course of your life. You must be consciously committed to a disciplined approach to mastering yourself.
  • Preparation – Ben Franklin said: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” You must prepare yourself for the journey and prepare yourself for opportunities and challenges. You need to prepare yourself for opportunities and possibilities in life by preparing yourself before they show up in your life. Through training, education, development, and experiences, you prepare yourself for whatever life throws at you.
  • Performance – You need to take action and perform to your utmost each day to live unstoppable. Your success in life is not by accident but by design. You must strive each day to live your life and achieve your goals and dreams. Goals achieve nothing unless you take action. It must be an “all-in” approach to your life–100% of your heart, mind, body, and soul. Nothing else will do in order to achieve your unstoppable life. It is your life…Own it!
  • Passion – This is the core power that you have in your life. You must have passion or “fire in your belly” to live unstoppable. Passion is the spark that ignites you each day to live your life to its fullest and on purpose. It is the lynchpin of an inspired and unstoppable life.
  • Persistence – You must constantly press forward in life no matter the struggle. You stand in the face of adversity and choose to weather the storm. Persistence is your willingness to keep your eye on the prize and keep moving forward on your journey. Persistence is critical in forging your unstoppable life
  • Perseverance – You must never quit on yourself or your dreams. You must never give in on achieving your dreams. You must never give up on creating the life you want to live. Perseverance is the lodestar of an unstoppable life.

Each of the words became a part of my overall FORGE Model and eventually a part of an unstoppable life. Each of these words help you to create your unstoppable life. The 6P Focus is your daily reminder to grow and develop your life.

The 6Ps are part of the F(X) disciplined approach to growing and developing your life. The 6Ps focus you on creating your unstoppable life through six key shaping and molding processes. They help you focus on what you need to do each day to continuously grow, continuously develop, and continuously reinvent your unstoppable life.

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Inspire or Retire!!

This is one of the topics of discussion on #TCHAT next Wednesday.

Unleash Your Unstoppable Life!

Inspire or Retire

Inspirational Leadership + Motivated People = a great team with outstanding accomplishments.

Over the next two weeks, Eliza was in and out of the office for in processing and more organizational training to help her acclimate to the new environment. During those two weeks, she thought about what she learned on her first day and her concept of what a leader is and does began to change.

Also during those two weeks, she kept hearing the phrase “Inspire or Retire” which made her more curious of the true meaning. After her in processing and training was finished, she stopped in to see Ty again.

“That was a long two weeks of training. It was very useful and I feel like I am ready just focus on my work.” Eliza said as she walked into Ty’s office.

“Glad to have you back. Did you learn anything new?” Ty…

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Guest Host on #TCHAT

Good Day! I’ll be the guest host on TalentCulture #TChat – show which includes #TChat Radio and #TChat Twitter Chat – Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 pm EST. The radio show is from 6:30-7:00 pm EST and the Twitter chat is from 7pm-8pm EST. Before I host I would like to share some information with you about myself.
First, I am passionate about developing emerging, enduring, and experienced leaders and teaching them how to develop themselves using a disciplined and deliberate approach. All leadership begins from inside a person and must be developed and grown as they grow into emerging and enduring leaders. I believe that leadership principles are timeless and apply across all spectrums of life. I believe leadership begins inside of you. Leadership starts with a condition of the heart – the desire and passion to make a difference before it moves to the brain to implement a plan to make a difference. It is an inside-out process and is shaped by your values, character, choices, opportunities, experiences, and your worldview. Leadership is about you, the people you influence, and a belief that you can make a difference and have an impact.

Second, my next passion is for developing the next generation of leaders who will be the leaders in the military, in government, in business and globally. These leaders will lead in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous or VUCA world and must be prepared for leading in chaos. What do I mean by a VUCA?

  • Volatile means that the speed, size, scale of change in the world today has a great impact on events around the globe almost instantaneously. An example is the rate and pace of stock market changes and the effect it has on personal and corporate wealth.
  • Uncertainty means that world events are unpredictable and this unpredictability makes it impossible to prepare for unknown world events. An example is the effects of Arab Spring and governmental changes in the last four years.
  • Complexity means that the chaotic nature of the world combined with the volatility and uncertainty of global events creates an environment of confusion and difficulty for today’s leaders.
  • Ambiguity means that there is a lack of clarity or transparency surrounding world events. It is hard to predict what threats are in the world if you do not know the who, what, or why things are happening.

We will need leaders who can meet and adapt to new challenges, build strategic partnerships, build and sustain human capital organizations, and have the courage to act and react to the challenges. In addition to these requirements, we need to continue to develop leaders who are flexible, adaptive and are globally and culturally aware. This next generation of leaders must understand how to build and maintain trust, keep their integrity, and continue to build their credibility by developing their character.

An authentic character is the outward expression of our purpose, values, and beliefs. Your character comprises your beliefs, motives, values, desires, behaviors, and principles that drive and shape your actions as a leader. Character authenticity is living on purpose, keeping true to your values and beliefs, and not compromising them at the altar of Society. Your character is tested in the crucible of life and is forged through adversity.

Lastly, I believe authentic leaders inspire people to greatness. Inspiration is the ability to breathe life into someone or an organization. Inspiration is a positive influence – a positive reinforcement – we give our people. It ignites desire, ignites creativity, and ignites innovation in inspired people. Leadership is not what I do it is who I am. There is no escaping who I am. My leadership is the embodiment of my heart, mind, body, and soul. It is an amalgamation of my life’s purpose, my values, my ethics, my core beliefs, my life philosophy, and my worldview.

One of the topics we are going to discuss on the #TCHAT show is the Inspire or Retire Theorem.

Inspire or Retire Theorem
The Inspire or Retire Theorem wraps up my F(X) Leadership framework and my theory of you are the key to your leadership. The function of (x) is you.

What if the leaders in your organization
• Knew the organizational vision, goals, values and the impact their leadership had on the success of the organization
• Knew success as a leader included knowing themselves, their team and the organization
• Knew a leader must have high moral and ethical values and that character counts
• Knew leaders are responsible for their actions and their words
• Knew they needed to continuously develop, grow and reinvent themselves to meet the challenges of the future
• Understood their role in developing other leaders
• Understood character, courage, commitment and communication are key components of leadership
• Understood they are responsible for their leadership development
• Understood they are the key to their leadership

The Inspire or Retire Theorem answers all the above questions in a mathematical mnemonic that encapsulates my leadership responsibility to the people I lead and the organization I serve. It was designed as a visual representation for me to remember to always Inspire or Retire.

I look forward to sharing time with and discussing your views on leadership, leadership development, and developing the next generation of leaders.




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10 quick thoughts for becoming a lifelong learner

• Endeavor to become a lifelong learner in all aspects of your life
• Apply self-leadership practices to create the outcomes you desire
• Understand who you are and what you can accomplish
• Learn from everyone you meet
• Create time to read and grow
• Invest in your growth and development first
• Use your experiences as life and leadership lessons
• Keep your mind open to new ways of thinking
• Apply your growth, development and experiences to your leadership
• Use self-assessments and leadership assessments to find your blind spots and areas needing improvement

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Life is a Journey

When I imagine life as a journey, I think of the expedition of Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean, Earnest Shackleton and the Endurance expedition to Antarctica, and the 20-year odyssey of Odysseus in Homer’s “The Odyssey”. All three of these expeditions are indicative of the journey we go through in life.
Life is an expedition of trials, challenges, experiences, setbacks, and successes. It is a time of choices, responses, outcomes, and decisions. It is a time of soul-searching, self-discovery, and developing a new understanding of who you are and what you are capable of doing in life. It is a time opportunities, possibilities, learning, and development. It is a time of adventure, misfortune, victory and defeat.
How you travel along your life’s journey is up to you. However, on each expedition there is the opportunity to grow, develop, and reinvent yourself. You need to convert all your expedition experiences into life lessons and leverage those lessons into how you live each day. The key is to live each day in the same manner you want to finish life. You can live an unstoppable life and finish well by preparing now!
The best way to live an Unstoppable Life is to prepare and plan your life NOW!
The best way to live out your Unstoppable Life is through your passion for life and day-to-day performance!
The best way to maintain your Unstoppable Life is through dogged persistence and perseverance!

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